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Hi everyone,This is my submission for the Grand Finale of MusicStar, an acapella version of Mamma Mia originally sung by ABBA. Since it was challenged to come up with a unique and a creative concept for the final, I did some background research on current trends...

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'Death ends a life not the love....''He was a singer who had an unexpressed love. Although he is no longer alive his soul still sings the song of his breathing love.The reason is to choose these songs because I love their soothing melodies. Wh...

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Here you go!! Presenting my Grand Finale video. It’s a beautiful haunting melody composed by ilayaraja Sir from the movie heyram. Me and my friends thought of presenting this and recording it like a live jam session. So all the breath sounds and all are not removed. It’s live and raw as ever! A...

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When I was a little kid of 8 years old, I started my journey of Music as a Piano apprentice thanks to my parents. As the time went by, I played many roles in Music as a Keyboard player, Singer, Violinist, Tabla player, and currently, a Guitarist!School days at Sanghami...

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We are three best friends that share a mutual passion for music since 2010. Being schooled at Musaeus College, we had the opportunity and the platform to play at every school event ever since and we literally watched each other grow with music. We follow various music genres starting from class...

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Hi MusicStar. I'm Binoshi Silva. I'll be performing a Hindi cover song for the Grand Finale. So, my story behind the Grand Finale video is very complicated. Actually I didn't have enough time to make a creative video because of my studies. I couldn’t miss my lectures too.. That's why I did my v...

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